Joe Stein Massage Therapy New Orleans

My Teachers and Fellow Healers

The Following links are to therapists, yoga teachers, yoga communities, and philosophers who I have either trained under, received healing from, or have an ongoing partnership with. In truth, we are all each other’s teachers and healers, but with these people the relationship is more explicit.

Peter Fuller
Master massage teacher (don’t tell him that, he still considers himself a student) and founder of AMTC in New Orleans. If you are a therapist in New Orleans, study under this man. He will advance your practice exponentially.

Tom Meyers Myofascial Release
Whitney W. Low Orthopedic Assessment
Michele Baker Swan River Yoga teacher training

Fellow Healers
Sylvi Beaumont Chiropractor
Valerie Viosca Acupuncture
Aaron Lind  AcroYoga instructor


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