Joe Stein Massage Therapy New Orleans

Services and Rates

60 Minute Partial Body Targeted Session– $75

A perfect session to target those problem areas that cause you the most pain and limitation. I will tailor each session to the techniques that will best serve your unique needs.

90 Minute Full Body/Intensive Therapy Session– $105

A full body session gives the deepest relaxation, and allows the entire body to harmonize and heal. We are often surprised to learn how interconnected our bodies are, and a full body session often discovers these links, reacquainting the body with itself. I might also use a series of advanced orthopedic techniques aimed at specific problem areas designed to not only reduce pain and fatigue, but also improve mobility and functionality.

I firmly believe that regular massage gives the best results, so my prices scale with frequency.
If your next massage is within:
30 days: $65-60 min, $95-90 min
14 days: $60-60 min, $85-90 min


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